Trying this blog thing


So long 2023

Well I was planning on trying to launch this early this year, but it seems time has gotten away from me.

Honestly I’m trying to limit my presence on social media and turn to something more like this.

So in 2023 a lot happened. Ashley and I got to go to Wisconsin, took some time off to take some adventures with friends, got to closer to friends. All in all it was a pretty good year.

As the year wraps up, I’m super thankful for my friends. There’s a few of them that have been thru a lot. People have traveled across the world only to have their hearts broken. Others have encountered some serious medical challenges. All of them have come out the other side of their challenges and I’ve been super impressed with how they’ve come back from being hit by life. I’m really proud of them all, and hope they know it.

Realization: I have some pretty epic friends.

Plans for the coming year…Help people be more awesome they currently are.

Here’s to 2024.


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